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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Note to Ladies and Guys Online

Ladies stop putting the "i hope i can find my man/someone line". You are a woman let the men find you, pursue you. Be like a diamond. Diamond is hard to get because it's precious. Stop doing the work of the men. Let the men be men. Your privates are meant to be private that's why they are always kept under your shirt and protected by your two strong legs. Don't give them access that's meant for a husband. Know your value and real men will respect you.

Guys puhlease!!! Stop using God's name on your comments when your main purpose is to see what's under her shirt and between her legs. It's sickening! There's no such thing as "godly perverts" Get your act right



  1. Glad to say I've been happily hitched for 27 years so I have no need to look elsewhere for love or anything else.

  2. Nice to read again your post Genskie. I missed you a lot here in blogworld:)

  3. Pak! ahahaha

    oi welcome back :D

  4. I love u for this! ha ha

    Good to see you are posting again :) More of this please ;)

  5. Hi Genskie,
    I totally agree!! Sometimes we get too stressed out thinking about our personal lives, when it's all already mapped out for us. Just be patient. Timing is everything. :-)

    Anyway, havent been here for a while. Hope things are well with you dear. Happy Thursday!