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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am me
I rely on my own capability
my strength may sometimes fail me
but my mind still works for me
my heart can be deceiving
but my mind is still thinking
I may not be perfect
but i can be right
don't treat me like dumb or ill tell you where u should stand
Don't intimidate me with your words
Don't threat me with your strength
For inside this good heart is a fighter
Who will never ever let you go farther

I am a friend
You can call me in your weary times
and i can laugh with you and bring u smile
I can be there and not be judgemental
but be true to me as i am to you
for i won't go for your self centered ambition
i wont walk with your greedy thoughts
for friends never let another friends fall

I am a lover
I love with all my heart
I can forget self interest if that thing can build man's trust
but don't use my love against me
you might own my heart but not my mind
never ever bring to me your shitty kind.
Please know that i am not perfect
don't turn me into something u know i wont be
all i want is you to accept me as being me
all i can say if you cant stand me in my worst
then u don't deserve me in my best

I am a woman
I am fragile, i am weak
I often listen to what my heart is saying
than what my mind is thinking
I might change decisions easily
It is because you all always needing me
don't put me as your option
but set me as your priority
for every man's success is a woman behind it

I am me...
a friend.....
a lover....
a woman.....
i am me......



  1. lovely you! ehehe sarap basahin napakauplifting that's the attitude genskie

  2. just be yourself and be happy
    you are just yourself and nobody
    love yourself as you may be

    hmmm, i know i know, mine is a lame poem!! hahahaha~~ :D

  3. ganda naman ng iyong english na tula... very honest...

  4. Nice one! Very well put. Naalala ko yung kanta ni Michael Jackson: I am a lover, not a fighter...