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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Okay I posted just couple of minutes ago. And I know that was just a re-post. Nothing's new. I was just sharing an old pathetic junk from my previous Emo-days.
Then suddenly I felt guilty. I felt so unproductive. I was like "You are posting something you have posted before, people have read it so what's the point?"
As much as I want to write my mind is pretty tired.
Not that I am so busy, It's just I can't get my mind working.
The word "TIRED" literally keep flashing at the back of mind and it's hindering me to write anything sensible.
This post is not sensible this is just pure ranting about how lazy unproductive I am.

This freaking back/hip pain been up for weeks.  I don't even want to count the days I have had it, but it's frustrating. I can't do my usual stuff/activities any more. I can't stand longer than 20 mins. It's either I walk it out which make the muscle contraction a bit stronger or lay it down which I can't do while at work.
Ahhhhhhhh! A lot of BS been happening to me this month. I want this month to be over together with this freaking pain.

I am abusing the word "OKAY"
because that's all I can say.
I am not fine...not near it... and I am about to blow and scare the hell outta people going my way!!!

I am a bit emotional lately. If you can't say anything good on the comment section, just keep it.
I am not welcoming any negativity. Say what ever you want, call me names or what ever just don't let me know. Be kind to me.... just for today!



  1. I feel that sometimes. I want to blog but I can't stitch the words together to what I really want to convey to my readers because of being tired :|

    I hope you'll feel OKAY, real soo :) Hihi

  2. Ate Gen!!! *hugs*

    These past few days I feel so bored, unproductive and "sabaw"... di ko alam kung anung gusto kong gawin... kung gagawa ba ako ng story ulet or magdo-drawing. Ang gulo lang. Parang feeling ko lately ang dali kong ma-bore sa mga bagay bagay... /sigh

    Anyways, I know malalagpasan din natin ang phase na toh. Cheer up!

    Pa check up ka na sa doctor about dun sa pain on your hips para makasigurado lang :)

  3. I ddin't know it was a repost. I think it's okay kasi we acquire new readers every now and then... They don't backread so okay lang... Like me, I liked it...

    Hmmnnn... about the pain, hmmnnn... pareho tayo... I have been feeling this pain pero walang nakakaalam... ngayon alam mo na... I am just waiting na mawala siya...

    Cheer up girl!

  4. Is okay to express your feeling here, you can write anything you like, because this is your blog!!! Hope you feeling better later on!!! =]

  5. Hope everything will be ok soon!

    Take care Genskie! Hugs~

  6. relax ka muna.... sana maging ok na lahat sayo.... smile muna diyan....


  7. chill lang genskie, inhale exhale lang ahh! mabuti ni re release mo yan hehe do lang don't stress yourself anymore okay?

  8. Oh dear you sound down. Why on earth would anyone come here and say something horrid to you or call you names??

    I hope you feel much better soon!

  9. i guess nothing's wrong with reposting your older posts.. i do that sometimes but i will sort of "re-engineer" them, and not just a perfect copy & paste.. because as time goes, you have different thoughts and views, and so there may be things you want to amend in that older posts.. agree??

  10. Dont worry Genskie. This too will come to pass. You are a survivor and a winner. Take care. Praying for you.

  11. ang ganda nga ng blog mo kasi personal ang category. ako bihira lang magrandom kasi travel yung theme ko. gagawa ako ng personal na blog para maka rant din ako. me mga days talaga na ganito. siguro yung times na mataas yung hormones natin. baka lang ha. hehehe. chill ka genskie. youll have everything in control in due time.

  12. if ranting is what will make you feel even just a little better, then just rant. :) that;'s what blogs are for... :)

  13. That feeling will pass. Let's have coffee instead! :D

  14. It is so difficult when we feel that way especially when in pain. HOWEVER you did not let that hold you back, you still posted and shared how you felt, you took that difficult step forward!

  15. the feeling is mutual ansarap mambalibag lolz ... inhale exhale

  16. I can feel for you... ganyan din ako minsan, unproductive, parang walang direksyon...kahit na anong kabutihan at pagsisikap sa work at pakikitungo sa iba, may mga nakapagpapa-down pa rin... it's ok...feel the emotion...anyway, it will will pass...

  17. Just visiting! pa visit din po ng blogs ko

  18. relax relax din pag may time miss G....

    wala namang sweldo ang pagba blog kaya wag mo masyadong stressin ang beauty mo...

    sometimes nga pag nasa "kawalan" stage tayo eh doonchina jumujosok ang mga new ideas na paghuhugutan ng bagong posts divine?

  19. Everything will be okay for sure:) You are a strong woman!

    that feelin will pass for sure:) Life is good!