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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Girl With A PINK LIPSTICK 3 (Sitting with an Angel....)


I don't really get it. Maybe she is so vain that even when she is mad or hurting she still see to it that she is looking great...Man, girls will always be girls...

She went to sleep, maybe she's tired from too much thinking and  hurting.
The bus conductor told everyone that we'll need to wait at the next station for a while. There was a problem with the engine. Ughh.. This long bus ride was a pain in the butt...

I looked at her. She is pretty... long lashes...cute nose...plump lips...she sleeps like a baby...or maybe it's just me...she is attractive... I moved closer...I wanted to touch her face but I'm scared...what if she wakes up?...what will I say?...I cant take my eyes away from her...

"Boo!" she scared me...she wasn't really sleeping.
"Why are you staring at me?"..she asked displaying her naughty smile.
"Uhm...uhmm...I don't know...bored?" me dumb founded.
"You gotta pay me!"
"Pay you? why?" now I was really confused!
"Huh, you're getting entertainment and It Isn't for free." she sounded annoyed
"I'm so sorry.... I didn't mean to be disrespectful...I'm sorry ...I was wrong." I wanted to vanish...or wished my seat to swallow me was very embarrassing. She caught me looking at her twice.
"Do you do that as a hobby?"she asked she looked more serious now.
"What do you mean?"
"Looking at girls...or should I say day dreaming about them?" she smiled but I could see that she was just faking it.
"No I mean.. I know I was wrong... I'm really sorry...If you want I'll just transfer to another seat." I told her
"Nah, it's okay... I need some company... so how long did they say we have to wait?"
"The driver said an hour or two...his partner already called someone to have it fixed."i explained
"Oh my...This is what i hate about traveling. So what's your story? "she asked
"Oh... well like what you said... I am a wannabe? trying to make it to the big city." I smiled at her.
"What do you do?" she continued. This girl can converse without putting much emotion. I wasn't sure if she's asking because she's interested or because she's bored and she got no one to talk to but me.
"I'm a musician... I sing...compose songs...I'm a producer too."
"Talented huh?... Good luck to you!... what's your plan though? You know you still be needing some dough. Chasing your dreams doesn't mean you are capable of not being hungry ...your folks gonna support you?" she was asking a lot of questions now.
"Well I am planning to stay with my Aunt for a week..while i'm still looking for a place to stay ... I saved some money for that... but I still need to get a part time job because the thing i have here.. wont last long."
"Where in exactly in Carlstone you gonna stay?" now she sounded interested.
"19th Avenue?... that's what it says here."I showed her the paper with the address on it.
"Oh this is in the center of the city. Well you can find a lot of work in there. Just in case you couldn't get one just look for" she searched inside her purse again...then she gave me this small calling card.
"19th Lounge?...You own this?" I asked.
"Pfft... I wish i did...but nah... it's my friend's... I worked there too sometimes.".
"Thanks... I'll surely look for you if things get ugly."
"Yeah sure..and again good luck!"

That was the end of our hello... I can't say when we'll meet again...I have her this isn't the end... I'll surely look for her... the girl with a pink lipstick...
Hey guys thanks for the support and honest comments, I really appreciate it. Keep them coming guys. Tell me your suggestions, any character you want me to add or any happenings that you want to see in the story.
 I am even more inspired to continue and make this story  more interesting. Anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd... lol I am going to hold a contest about this soon... so stay tune!!!



  1. The story is very intetesting at I wanted to read more:) i like the characters and how they talk, think and so on:)

  2. Very nice post ,you write so well , interesting story
    I want to know what will happen next.

  3. What a beautiful story to meet someone, im hoping na mauuwi sapag ibig:)

  4. very interesting story and you keep the readers getting excited and want to know what's going to happen next~~

  5. Hi Miss Genskie :)

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Followed you as well.

    Wow, I love how you write your stories here. I am now getting interested on your two main characters here. Looking forward for more. I'm sure mas nakakakilig pa yung mga darating na chapters.

    Back read lang ako for part 1 & 2

  6. hehe cute nung scenes haha i'm really liking
    this girl and i could somehow visualize her looks
    and by your descriptions I think she my ideal

  7. First of all....very beautiful lips (smile) and a great post. Well done!

  8. story is captivating....sorry y first time here...are you going to write a book? If yes, I will sure look out for its release date

  9. Excellent story, there are a few little mistakes like "my aunt" but it reads well!

    1. thank you so much for telling me about that Joe. yay!
      I already corrected it.

  10. interesting! although 'bitin?' sabagay, you said it's not the end : )