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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Distance and Time

Even though i'm in a relationship, I still can't savor the special moment of today's celebration.
Even though we want to go out and celebrate we can't. He is far.

Fate must be joking. When I wanted someone to love. I got one. But then I was so young that I couldn't even fully grasped what true LOVE is. So my first just slipped.
Then my second one then I was ready... That's what I thought....
It was intense, it slipped too but left me two deep scars.... hurt and heartbreak...
After that, I told my self not to love anymore... or maybe not to soon. I needed to heal.
But then you can't teach your heart when to fall and when not to fall.

He was there... and always there...
My best friend, my Bb  ( baby brother ...he is younger than me) ....
If there's one person in this world who would know everything that's going on with me...It is him.
Distance and time didn't stop us to pursue this, something that we should have done before.
Before I met my first and my second.
Before he met his first, his second and....God knows who else.

He was there when my first slipped. He was there when I was hurt and helped pick the pieces of my heart that was broken because of my second.
Our situation is not easy. Well, no one said it would be, but we are both in this. We are going to stick together like glue. Through thick and thin. For better and for worse.

To my baby,

I love you babe. Thank you for your love. Thank you for being down to ride. Thank you for always putting up with me when I am crabby and rude. Thank you for sticking up with me though I am always the one giving up. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for treating me special even it is not Valentines. And most of all thank you for treating me right. Being godly man that you are. I can't ask God for more. How you walk and devote yourself and your talent in glorifying Him is exemplary. I have confidence in you though we are far because you fear and love God. You love Him more than you love me and that's good. Your love for me reminds me of how special I am not only to you and but to our God. I am special because He didn't allow me to be with someone who doesn't deserve me. He gave me you. He didn't give me just any man, but one of His best children. I love you and I am in love with you always and everyday.
Break up?!? We aint got no time for that!!!



  1. It must be hard. When do you get to see him next?

  2. hayyyy... LDR... I hope you could survive all the storm... happy valentine's day!!!

  3. awww this is so sweet.. well, LDR, it's hard but isn't that what makes you appreciate each other more?? happy valentines day.. :)

  4. well he must be a great base on you description i think he was indeed worth a shot

  5. Love hurts like hell at times butwhen it is good it so beautiful, warm, vibrant....................etc....

  6. Your message is sweet, happy Valentine's day Genskie.

  7. sad...but love conquers all, right? :) you could overcome anything with love :)

  8. Hang on. A love that's true will stand the best of time.. Hope you guys stay strong in your relationship!

  9. Hi Miss Genskie!

    You know what, very rare talaga na tumatagal ng ganyan ang mga LDR. You are lucky to have a loving and understanding BF :)

    Cherish and treasure every moments with him!

    Belated Happy Heart's Day <3

  10. true love waits ;-) just ignore the pain and be positive sa relationship gen.

  11. I bet it's hard to be in a LDR but with God in the mid of your relationship, I know everything will be okay.. Belated Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  12. Just wish that you be together with him and live happily ever after.

  13. belated valentines ate :)

    you're so sweet ate, in perfect time... wala ng distance, and everything will be fine ;)

  14. don't give up.. we are kinda in the same situation...

    thanks for all your sweet comments, i have been so busy lately that i havent had time to answer to all of them..

    Love you lipstick story!!! :)

    hugsss and kissessssss

  15. Your love is beautiful! Stay strong and keep loving each other!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  16. Belated happy valentines... Tagal na pala..
    Anyway, still hoping a happy ever after for you.
    Nice to know you have a wonderful baby brother.